• Mindfulness designed around your unique daily life.


    Build a daily mindfulness practice, just a few minutes per day.

    Being mindful is often out of reach when we need it most. Mindfulness Daily helps you build a practice with just a few minutes sprinkled throughout your busy day.

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    Support for your commitment to practice mindfulness in your unique daily life :-)

  • Mindful Daily Routine

    Morning, Noon and Night.

    A few minutes in the morning

    Morning Intention

    Daily Lesson

    Before the day’s emails, deadlines, or anxieties set in, begin with a short mindful morning intention, daily lesson and practice to begin your day with clarity.

    A short Pause during the day


    When you catch yourself in a stressful moment or on autopilot, take a quick mindful Pause.

    A mindful reflection at night


    Unwind and bring a clear conclusion to your day with a short reflection and relaxation practice.

  • User Story: Hasn't missed a day in 3 years!

    "Mindfulness Daily has been a part of my mornings for three straight years. Across six continents, all the way around the world, it's what's kept me grounded, centered, and growing. It's hard to imagine life without it, and I'm deeply grateful to everyone at Inward for making such a difference in my life!"


    -Steven Skoczen, Ink and Feet

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  • Wrapped around your busy day.

    We know that change is hard, and making lasting change is even harder. That’s why the team at inward inc has been collaborating with the world’s best scientists, doctors, researchers, coaches and trainers to develop a daily format optimized for mobile devices and easily integrated into daily life. In just a few minutes each day, begin to practice mindfulness daily.

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