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With Love from the Mindfulness Daily Team

As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, it’s quite fitting that we’re feeling the love from Mindfulness Daily users. At the end of 2013, we launched Mindfulness Daily to help people reach inward with a few minutes of mindfulness wrapped around their day. Our inspiration for the app came from our personal experiences of feeling that mindfulness can be out of reach while tackling everyday emails, deadlines, anxieties and stresses. While we acknowledge that technology can sometimes contribute to distractions and stress in our lives, we also believe that it can be leveraged to help bring mindfulness within reach when we need it most, and this belief led us to create Mindfulness Daily.

If you’ve downloaded Mindfulness Daily, you’ve joined users from the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Sweden, and many more countries around the world to incorporate mindfulness into your lives. We’ve been delighted to hear great feedback from our users so far. For example, some have written to tell us about how the app has helped them on a daily basis:

“What a great tool to bring me back to center and what really matters. I was really [overrun] with life when I found this app. I’ve had the app for two weeks and faithfully utilizing the app has reduced my stress by about half and [it is] continuing to decline…” -jav.bulldog, 1/30/14

Many users have told us that the Pause button is one of their favorite features:

“I love the progressive daily practices and particularly love the ability to [initiate] a quick ‘pause’ at any time during the day to reflect. It helps me reset, and get a perspective.” -mcsarcast, 1/7/14

“I have been meditating for some time yet have had a hard time stopping to breath[e]. Being reminded to Pause on a daily basis has helped me overcome this hurdle and brought me a deeper sense of stillness.” -Merlin112, 1/21/14

Isn’t it funny how some of the simplest things – like breathing – can be difficult sometimes? The Pause button is one of our favorite features, too. Because of the positive feedback about that feature, we’re creating more Pause videos, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Lastly, many of you have asked for more mindfulness! Rest assured that we’re working with mindfulness researchers, coaches and trainers to develop additional content. Subscribe to our email list to be updated when we make updates to Mindfulness Daily, and if you like what you’ve experienced so far, please review us on iTunes.

If you’re a coach, trainer or business that would like to contribute to Mindfulness Daily or bring it to the people you support, say hi by emailing us at Wishing you a happy – and, of course, mindful – Valentine’s Day!

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